Mauled By Children…

So I have previously attended my aunt’s birthday party. It was a surprise party and we were all having fun. we ate bbq and drank tea and eventually I began to give my smaller relatives piggy back rides. Well, I was going in a certain order and when one of the kids didn’t get their ride when they wanted it, they effin mauled me. they were on top of me and kicking with their heels and telling me to “giddy up”. I’ve never been more terrified in my life… I just… God… *sits in corner crying* Okay… I should be ok now… my own brother wouldn’t even help me! Hell, there were adults all around us! And when I finally got up they chased me around the yard until I could finally get inside and I locked myself in the bathroom. Guess it shows how much my family “loves ” me… They never really were fond of us… And before you say “they don’t even weigh much if you can pick em’ up! you could too have gotten away!” well… When you have a whole herd of about 10 or 11 kids all on your back at the same time, you cant really move… or breath

Anyone other than me ever been mauled by a herd of children?


Horror game



Any advice for a survivor/or horror game? I’m looking for one where you can actually kill the creatures/enemies. I’m too stressed out these days, I need to be able to fight back loll


And if you have a video game suggestion that doesn’t have anything to do with horror, feel free to share it with me anyway. I love all kind of games(except war games maybe). I’m not the greatest player but It doesn’t keep me from loving it.

5 nights at freddys is a good one…

Sorry For Not Being On… D:

Guys, I’m really sorry… I just haven’t been feeling like being on in forever… Eh, who cares? I’m back now! Yay…? I don’t know if that’s a yay or not or if you guys just don’t give two shits about me and are only following me because you thought my blog was good… Whatever the reason, I’m proud to call you my followers! For all my faithful little peoples of the interwebs I have decided that I’m going to write things for you guys no matter what and I will always find time to write for you and if I can’t, I’ll make it up to you later. I’m already writing a creepypasta drabble and I think it’s coming out quite shittingly… I mean swimmingly… I just hate how it starts but I just can’t do anything about it. If you want a request for a drabble, five sentence fic, (because, yes, I’m doing those) or a small piece of art, or help with a story or would like to help me with ones I’m writing then just place it in the ask box, free of charge. :D

P.S: My two-legged cat sneezed…


Heyyyy guys… Sorry I haven’t been on in forever now but there has been so much so much stuff going on in my life right now… My friend is leaving to go to some home… They say it ain’t a foster home but I don’t believe them… Hopefully Monday she’ll be living with her grandma and we’ll be able to see eachother again… But then I’ll be moving to Jena school and possibly Jena… I don’t know when we’ll be able to see eachother again but I hope it’s soon… My mom said she won’t be at school monday or Friday… I think she has to go to court… Guys I’m just in a bad mood right now… I’m browsing Tumblr but it’s not like that will help me… I’m just so upset right now…



keep your friends close, but your enemies closer

like really, very close

intimately close 

so close that you can feel your enemies breath on your neck

and you shiver with hatred and… anticipation? 

turn around and look deep into your enemies eyes, letting your gaze drag down to their lips, your eyes intense with desire. push your enemies up against the wall.

make out with your enemies.

your friends, who are still close, are super uncomfortable and kinda grossed out

If anyone cared to remember, my b-day is today. And you all know what that means right? Admin time! Mention me where ever you can and whoever mentions me the most gets to be an admin on my blog! The perks of being an admin include, special shoutouts, requests, extra help, and possibly more followers! And there are probably more perks that I can’t remember at the moment! I’ll call your name when the day is over and all you need to do is give me your email address and I’ll make you an admin! I’ll give you a shoutout at least once every time I’m on tumblr! You’ll get special requests for art, stories(one-shots AND full length chapter fics), and comics! You can get very many perks so start with those mentions!